Meet Aster Sanda-Phipps, Your Life Coach

I am a native African who has had the opportunity to travel the world and have lived on four continents since I was a little girl. I love and appreciate learning languages and all the various cultural nuances that continue to enrich my life. All these experiences come together beautifully and contribute to my ever-growing knowledge of people, cultures, and mindsets.

Traveling with my husband of over 26 years and my son is one of my favorite things in the world. I relish sharing the discovery of new foods, cultures, and history with them. I have also been known to travel to volunteer in various corners of the world. Giving my time to serve others is an experience like no other.

In my lifetime, some of my favorite careers were working as a modern dancer, a personal trainer, a Pilates instructor, a fitness instructor and manager, a home school group teacher, and an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher to children and adults. The common denominator for me is that I love to learn and teach. I have drawn many life lessons from the skills I have developed and use them in my coaching practice for myself and others.

Becoming a life coach has enhanced the way I get things done through goal setting. Regardless of what your goal is, managing your mindset will be the key to unlocking anything you want in life. You know that saying…" If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time" well, it is true.

I am passionate about helping others grow and learning about possibilities as I also continue on my journey of growth and possibilities.